Friday, 15 June 2012

books made feminism so interesting

and the internet makes it boring? Like with everything else.

 Maybe because the debates on political lesbianism/ third wave have been so fragmented by the 2012s, and its difficult to wade through the many opinions and blogs without getting a headache. I just think FUCK WHO YOU WANT GET OVER IT WHY IS LIBERATION SOMETHING WE HAVE TO ARGUE SO MUCH ABOUT. In terms of real revolutionary politics like socialist things, I do think factions are a necessary evil. ( #committedtrostkyist ) But sometimes people need to realise there is more of a world outside their vaginas and their sex life, and while I completely oppose transphobia, homophobia and sexism, you can't tell people who they should be sleeping with. Not because its *wrong* morally, but because they aren't going to listen and you would wind up going from a similar, feminist-ish perspective to like hating eachother, visciously, over the small things.

 I have a tumblr and go on it every few days and repost kl feminist things I see, but I just think people need to connect back with **real life** a bit more. Like whats the point of posting nice pictures about strong women if you are too busy sitting inside to actually go on a demonstration or a gig or see some friends. I get that people IRL can be annoying and followers on a social network can be a source of self esteem but INTERNET< REAL LIFE. And there is no point saying "I am a kl hairy feminist and anti racist" if like you don't go out into the world and set a real example. Its better to  bring up these issues when they are awkward and difficult to say in a social setting, rather than  making a meme or a GIF which you know will be safely accepted by a bunch of like minded internet m8z.

 I am aware there were similar feminist arguments in the 1970s or whatever, but I am going to start reading more books and less tumblr and twitter! I feel like a luddite saying this but having an attention span  is something underestimated and I have to.. grow mine back, because the internet killed it!

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