Wednesday, 13 June 2012

"Twitter hate"

OKay I seem to have created a backlash of rightwing hate via twitter by saying Eurosceptic MP Douglas Carswell is a reincarnation of the British Fascist Oswald Mosley. Lolz.
In a style not dissimilar to the wicked witch of the west's flying monkeys, a number of random supporters of said MP and general unimaginative people hastily jumped on the opportunity to kindly explain to me how much a eurosceptic MP is not a fascist.. well THANKS GUYS. Thanks 4 educating me... No !

A rifle and Union jacks that wouldnt look out of place at a BUF rally.. and they are trying to say a politician they care enough about to defend is not a "fascist".

I am aware of the difference between Mosley's fascism and being a loud Eurosceptic. I wrote my summer project on Mosley, and doing an A level in European politics and while ya'll might go "but we have degrees and jobs", I will not let that undermine me.
 Mosley proposed a ton of corporatist measures that would probably sicken the Free-Trade- loving Carswell, as well as state benefits (for the British only obvs) that I am sure Carswell thinks is a waste of time.
But while the specifics of right-wing diatribe may have evolved, I cant resist poking fun at arrogant politicians, who stick their neck up in politics by saying ridiculous things like the EU is a "corpse" and also mention  a bunch of times how Great they think Britain is. I know Mosley was in Labour (after being the Tories MP for Harrow) but there are similarities, and it is more of a sign of the Labour party's low standards rather than Carswell's not-being-like-a fascist. Maybe the fact all these far right groupies were so eager to correct me on the specific differences because so much  else is essentially very the same?

Seriously, who else can imagine the scenario, if David Cameron ever stops being so sickeningly accommodating to the far right in parliament, Mr Carswell getting angry, quitting Mosley style and joining UKIP, donning a silly costume and making more speeches about the greatness of Britain? Just me? Hopefully not, once the recession is over, and Europe is a non-issue again, Carswell will just fade back into obscurity. But I cannot resist.. The right wing is becoming too much of a political norm these days and whether they are fascists or have stopped admitting it and now call themselves "eurosceptics", I think it is appropriate and not "twitter bullying" to point it out.

 I did not imagine Mr Carswell retweeing and calling me a Troll, calling on all these losers to call me "stupid" and a "loony" but maybe I struck a nerve with this?

I think when "lefty" has become an insult we need to re-evaluate the direction british political debate is going, and I think the backlash is a lot more "twitter intimidation" encouraged by an elected official against a citizen (thats me). And the responses do not really help the whole "we arent fascists" cause. Just saying. (see the pic).

So shoot me. (not literally, plz..  )

P.S I am not guilty of "trolling" because it is more a political comment about how I think the right wing is reincarnating itself. And maybe I shouldnt have @ed Mr Carswell Himself but hey, Live n Learn #yolo..  People calling me a troll, and getting self righteous, Lousie Mensch style, is not appreciated because I hate twitter bullies too! I think Mensch's case against internet trolls is really good, because death threats misogyny and racism on the internet are awful! As much as it pains me to say that, I have to rate her as a feminist, even if I criticize her hugely as a conservative..  The real trolls are the nice Tory ones who have been tweeting at me for the last hour?

So Carswel, stop trying to steal Mensch's thunder! That is not cool, she had a valid point about misogyny and you cant just pretend its the same thing.

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  1. Mosley wasn’t just “in Labour”. He was a member of the Fabian Society.

    And Douglas Carswell is not, in any way, fascist. Quite the opposite; Douglas is a libertarian (fascism, is, as you will know from your A-level in European politics, authoritarian in character, and therefore the precise opposite).

    Also, it’s rather entertaining that your previous post was about political correctness and how it isn’t OK to be offensive, while this one (and the tweet that caused it) has come about BECAUSE YOU WERE OFFENSIVE. Maybe you should reflect on your behaviour? And perhaps apologise to poor Douglas?