Monday, 4 June 2012

I am so sick of the Queen

Thanks, Jubilee weekend. Usually, I don't mind the Queen, but this weekend has been OTT.  Every Union Jack I see, I now experience the urge to tear it down (gonna resist that urge as they are adorning my next- door neighbours garden and that wouldn't be very neighborly of me).

I take no sides in the politically obsolete, pseudo-debate between "monarchists" or "republicans" because the Monarchy is such a non issue. It is a waste of energy to moan about how un democratic and rich the Queen is. Of course she is undemocratic and stupidly wealthy but so are a lot of people, and they are far more dangerous  because they aren't a well publicized and scrutinized tourist attraction. The Monarchy isn't really political because, the Queen has no power. IF it was Elizabeth the 1st, things would be different.

Testiment to how much of a non- issue the Monarchy is, they even allowed a demonstration to happen. Given the recent police state crackdown on actual protests, it shows how little political significance being a "republican" is. This is not the USA, republicans are not an actual thing here.

Your wasting your time, guys
HOWEVER: I am critical of the queen. With all the press coverage of the non-news that was some boats floating down the Thames (in a situation where, judging by BBC coverage, everyone involved looked bored), one thing came to my attention: The Queen has never given an interview. That is a PR masterstroke, because it means she is never hated for her opinions. We don't even know them! She could be a racist bigot for all we know. Instead we project out views of what we think the Queen is like, then criticize or defend her based on these unfounded assumptions. She might as well be a cardboard cut-out, or a hologram, Like Helen of Troy at the end of Dr Faustus. Why can't we  value women who actually speak? Why do we love one who doesn't?

I may have said I think those demonstators are wasting their time, but I think it would have been a funner crowd to stand in than a street party or be next to the Thames. At least there were no Union Jacks. I thought the patriotic overkill was sickening,  I could have been living in North Korea or Nazi Germany with all those ubiquitous ugly flags making innanimate objects look "racist".  I don't want patriotic people to jump on that and say " IM NOT RACIST 2 LUV MA COUNTRY", I associate patriotism, nationalism with racism because I think its a slippery slope, one leads to another. I know they are different things. But I can't help it, the Union Jack looks racist!! It just does! It was the symbol that people in India and Australia came to associate with so much oppression. And I heard the words to "rule britannia".. that song is not okay?!? Rule the waves? I am embarrassed to call myself British over that stuff!

This cake looks sinister. 
In conclusion: I don't hate the queen but I hate the patriotic celebrations and I wish every old lady had as much money and love as Elizabeth gets <3

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