Friday, 22 June 2012

rich white men on TV ..

Caused by outrrage at Jimmy Carr (but I have always disliked him for his slimy misogyny) and Francis Boulle from Made In chelsea tweeting about how the rich should pay less tax. for reals.

I have saved this picture as "rage", lolz 

So I think I have paraphrased their world view. This is applicable to Boris Joshnon, Jimmy Carr, the Cast of Made In Chelsea, Lucas and Walliams, and many other members of the privileged minority, but lets be honest, I did make the specifics up:

"Ha ha ha I can laugh at the world because I am RICH and therefore given an amazing education which has nurtured my ego and ability to believe in myself and also make insightful and well timed comments about other people. 

This ability to be so harharhar FUNNY has been funded by fucking exploitation because of grandaddys diamond mines or whatever built up the fortune and funded an education at Eton and then oh look I was talented enough to get into oxford AND Cambridge but I could only pick one because it has to be fair for the state school kids.. Now as an adult I am all set, through my **natural sense of humour** and brilliant ability to court the press/ throw money at marketing teams so they let me on TV, and I can go on to exploit and take the piss out of women, working class people, fat women and ethnic minorities.. 

Oh look I have a gazillion twitter followers who are all listening to what I say and internalizing it and anyone who disagrees should just stop ruining the "funniness" and appreciate that its “jokes man”, oh look, Boris is so funny so people vote for him. Because guess what, people like to be entertained, they like a politician with a silly voice and silly hair.. cuts?  lets watch some Made In Chelsea because it distracts us from the fact that THEIR LIVES ARE SHIT COMPARED TO THE GLITZY PEOPLE ON TV BECAUSE WE HAVE NO MONEY AND NO JOBS AND SHIT HEALTHCARE BECAUSE PEOPLE LIKE JIMMY CARR WONT PAY TAX AND HAVE THE NERVE TO SUGGEST IT SHOULD BE LOWERED

(francis Boulle): "har har har NHS? what NHS, the government doesn't need my money har har har"

The End. 

That is all for the moment  x 

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