Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Loretta Lynn!

I don't know why I am so obsessed with Loretta, I just really like her songs and the way she sings them. It really annoys me in the videos of her singing like at the Opry or whatever, when the men are patronising. I know she is no feminist, despite being a strong woman and singing about the pill ( <3!!!! ).. she also sings about how other women are 'trash' and belong in the garbage can.. which isn't so great.
But like in one video of her singing You Aint Woman Enough (I think), you can actually hear Conway Twitty or whoever saying "I hope Loretta doesn't mess up the words again", and then they laugh at her when she does, but she is such a great singer I think she deserves more respect than that! And I love her Kentucky accent <3
I heard somewhere in my country music obsession (I think it was a Tammy Wynette documentary) that they used to put on girl singers like as a trivial novelty, and that angers me, because the women of country music are so great! 

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