Sunday, 27 May 2012


They keep showing a photo of dead children in Syria and it is really upsetting. I have said this before, I don't think its okay to show dead people or people dying on the TV,  its just not dignified whether they are Gaddafi, the Ceaucescu's, or innocent Syrian babies.

Also, I think the news is very selective about what they show, and its like the tell us about atrocities when they want to. So I feel like my human emotion and genuine concern is being manipulated by the press people, i am sure every conflict has produced gruesome images but they are showing us this one, now. In this case we are being led to believe it was the work of Assad but its like If I was the western media and told to garner support for a potential future NATO war against Syria, how would I do that? ..

In regards to the Houla massacre (and this is just my western, news-watching, not really involved opinion) it seems as if the Free Syrian Army would have more reason for doing this than Assad, because it sabotages the UN peace plan and paves the way for a war, which would depose Assad, get Nato involved on their side, and one of those fuckers can take his job and potentially be just as awful. For a blueprint plan see Libya.

If you agree, read what these guys say about Syria, it is quite good in a sort of exposing-western-imperialism way.

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