Tuesday, 8 May 2012

New fave blog distraction

SO it is revision season, and that means spending a lot of time on the computer, trying to saturate my brain with information and remember it all in time for the exams.. So I spend a lot more time than I usually would looking at internet things. My current obsession is Slutever and more recently, Sugartits . Both are mainly about sex, but I think hey, I am learning enough **serious** stuff with my A level revision, so theres nothing wrong with the 2012 equivalent of the sex problems page of womens magazines (but a lot better. that makes it sound rubbish)

Slutever I sort of idolised a few years ago, when I discovered her blog I was like WOW SHE IS SO COOL SHE MAKES SEX AND DRUGS SOUND SO COOL I WANNA BE COOL TOO...... And yeah, she is still cool and great, her writing is very good at making awkward or weird situations in life just sound jokes. Which I think is inspirational if you can take Karley's approach and see life as a big adventure and just have fun with it, you can't go wrong. #yolo
The best thing I read recently is that after facebook-stalking a boy she liked, put on a charity shop wedding dress and went and sat outside his house with a sign saying "I get myself off thinking about you" and waited for hours until he came home. And they are still together.. aww.
Now I want to idolize her again because that is SO FUCKING COOL

And I think Sugartits is so gr8 because she seems like a really empowered woman, gives out really spot on advice and is also a stripper. The advice she gives out is so great, she is a big fan of Making the First Move, loving and accepting yourself, and being okay without a dependent man.

I am on the fence about the whole feminist debate like "is it okay for women to be strippers and call themselves a feminist".. My Mother would say NO, you have to respect yourself and any woman who dances for men, prostitutes herself or whatever is selling the feminist cause down the river..
But on the other hand, one horrible aspect of patriarchy is that women's sexuality is defined by men, and perhaps these women are trying to change that? Sugartits and Slutever  are both empowered and give the impression that sex is THEIR THING, they want it, they seek it out and they enjoy it. This post especially made me say "I love her what a babe!!!" By discussing it in detail both blogs turn sex into a thing that girls shouldn't be embarrassed about, but feel like they own, and I think that is a very feminist thing indeed. Its sex ed for the 21st century and I think its essential reading.

Still on the fence, but cheering more for the third wave!! Have to go and read more Shulamith to balance it out lol

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